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Hi, I'm Kieran and I'm the "star" of my own reality tv show that broadcasts live 24/7 on the Internet...

WARDEN'S SPECIAL PROJECT - ongoing this week -

"BED OF NAILS" - a freakin' Bed of Nails?!? What?  You've got to be kidding me?? I just KNOW this is going to factor in where I sleep sometime in the future.  Eeep!


"STAFF MEETING"3pm-ish - Watch as Zack, Chris, Marilyn, Kim, and I talk about possible new segments and other crap.

"DESSERT TIME" - 5pm-ish - Watch as I make Fried Snickers Bars???  WHAT?


"TRUTH OR LIE" TUESDAY - 8pm-ish - Watch and call-in to see if you can tell who is telling the truth and who is lying.  Zack, Kim, Chris, and maybe even Marilyn will show up! Should be fun!


"3 PUSH UPS" - all day - Looks like I'll be doing 3 push-ups every time I enter a room.  OUCH!  You can still change that.  VOTE NOW!!!

"FOOD ADVENTURER" - 4pm-ish - Looks like COW BRAINS is winning by a landslide?? Ewwww!!!

"COMEDY NIGHT" - 9:30pm - Watch as I go up against a real stand-up comic... and fail miserably!!  Looks like I'll be doing a sketch as a gay comedian... hmmm.


"QUEST FOR FIRE" - 8pm-ish - This should be hilarious. Watch as Chris and I compete to see who can make fire first using minimal materials! If I win, I get a prize/priviledge.  But trust me, I will bumble it.  I just hope I don't burn down the house in the process!!!


"FRIDAY THE 13th" - Interactive Ghost Stories, Make a Scarecrow, OR a Tarot Card Reading... YOUR CHOICE! VOTE NOW!


"MOVIE NIGHT" - What will it be?  Friday the 13th, Citizen Kane, X-Men 3, or Mallrats?


"THE JETS GAME" - afternoon - I'll be completing some project as I watch the Jets game.

"SUNDAY NIGHT DINNER WITH MARILYN" - after the Jets game - Marilyn and I will be making a scrumptious dinner together per your vote.  What will it be? Turkey Tetrazzini, Baked Ham with Maple Bourbon Glaze, Beef Burgundy, Chicken Cacciatore, or Marilyn's Pasta Choice.  VOTE NOW!!

See you on http://www.ourprisoner.com - the Internet's only 24/7 LIVE INTERACTIVE REALITY SHOW
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