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attention reality junkies!


My name is Kieran and I'm going to be starring in a new reality program on Ourprisoner.com It will be premiering soon and broadcasting LIVE on the internet 24/7!

I will be confined to a house for 6 months and the internet (YOU) will choose how I live my life: what I eat, what I wear, and various daily activities (dating, therapy, whatever). It's going to be highly interactive and viewers can also compete for prizes. There are a lot of fun things in store. Trust me you'll be hearing more about this!

The site is not "live" just yet, but bookmark it and keep checking it or add me as a friend for updates! I also have a MySpace page, feel free to send me an add request.

Also, any bands interested in contributing music to the show can do so by emailing the Assistant Producer.

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